About Us

"Yes, We Love Toys and Collectibles, but the Real Fun is in Doing This Together"

We're Jay, Mixx, & Cyan, a family of 3, collectively known as The Unboxing Rocks Crew. We're collectors, toy hunters, music lovers, and fans of pop culture who spend family time unboxing and reviewing cool stuff we discover through each other's interests and fandoms. 

Between the 3 of us, we cover a broad spectrum ranging from Shopkins and My Little Pony to Vampires, Dragons and 80s Hair Bands.

We're always hunting down new (and old) toys, collectibles, and other cool things to share with each other and with YOU! Yes, we love toys and collectibles, but the real fun is in doing this together. We have a blast doing this as a family, but we've also met SO MANY cool people like you who share our passion, which has turned this adventure into something so much more rewarding than we could have ever anticipated. 

So if you watch our videos, be sure to drop us a comment on YouTube, and join our community in several other ways and let's hang out!

~ Jay, Mixx, & Cyan​

Meet the Unboxing Rocks Crew: 

Jay from Unboxing Rocks


A.K.A. @RebelSlashNerd

About Jay

Although Jay was always a big fan of all things pop culture growing up, including comics, toys, and collectibles, his first love is, and always will be, music. Jay's first job was washing dishes in his Mom & Dad's restaurant at 13 years old so that he could buy a bass guitar from the Sears catalogue (what you know about 'Harmony' guitars? lol). After playing in bands all through high school, he moved to the 'big city' of Toronto to become a bona fide singer/songwriter/rockstar. After many years of trying, the love of music remained, but the love of the lifestyle did not, so he moved out West to Vancouver in order to avoid the cold winters and start a new life chapter. 

His parents were entrepreneurs and had always collected antiques (one of his Dad's businesses was an antique store) and his house was FULL of unique nostalgia. Jay carried that influence with him out West when he decided to buy and sell collectibles both locally and online. This continued as his full time living for a few years until he found a love for building websites and small businesses on the Internet. 

Fast forward to today, and Jay is continuously looking for new and fun ways to merge all of his loves and interests. Unboxing Rocks is one of those things where he can combine his love for his family, music, and collectibles, all while meeting like-minded people like you guys, who have turned out to be some of this family's best friends!. 🙂 

Jay's Top 10 Fandoms

Guns N Roses


80s Hair Bands m/​



Ghost Rider​

Game of Thrones​

Sons of Anarchy



What Jay Collects

Action Figures & Statues

Music memorabilia

Spawn and other McFarlane figures

Batman & DC Collectibles (Figues/Statues)

80s Pop Culture Nostalgia 

Lots of random toys and collectibles that doesn't necessarily fit into a "collection". 

Jay's Wishlist

Court of the Dead Statues

2016 Medieval Spawn Statue

Batman B/W Scarecrow Statue​

Mixx from Unboxing Rocks


A.K.A. @MixxRocks

About Mixx

As a toddler, Mixx watched way more horror movies than she probably should have been allowed to. Beetlejuice was a daily favorite and she would mouth the words during every scene, from start to finish, during playback. By the age of 10, Nightmare on Elm Street, Child’s Play, and Creepshow were a few of her favorite movie franchises. Her love for horror was strong all through high school but subsided after being sucked into the world of fantasy and video games.

Through her late teens Mixx loved DOS games and played all the old classics. She discovered Neverwinter Nights in her first year of university and developed a strong love of RPGs and MMORPGs. Elder Scrolls and Baldur’s Gate are likely responsible for her current obsession with the fantasy genre.

Her toy collecting began when she met Jay and he introduced her to Bleeding Edge (BeGoth) Dolls. From there, she was lured even deeper into the gothic realm of collectibles with Living Dead Dolls, Tragic Toys for Girls and Boys, and beyond. Her collecting has progressively grown to a level that encompassed something from every fandom.

Mixx's Top 10 Fandoms

Harry Potter

Lord of the Rings

Tim Burton

Game of Thrones

Doctor Who/Torchwood



Stephen King

Anne Rice

H.P. Lovecraft

What Mixx Collects

McFarlane Dragons

Funko Dragons

Living Dead Dolls

Schleich Bayala figures

Tim Burton-y Things (like Tragic Toys)​

Random dragons, unicorns, faeries, and other fantastical beasts

Mixx's Wishlist

Court of the Dead Statues

Still need 40+ McFarlane Dragons (lol)

Four Horseman Living Dead Dolls Set

​Alduin Funko Pop

Nicol Bolas Funko Pop

Mixx from Unboxing Rocks


A.K.A. Lady Literal

About Cyan

Cyan has always been more interested in creating make believe scenarios and wanting to create stories than to play any specific games or act out scenes from, specific franchises. However, she does love to mix and match multiple figures, dolls, stuffed animals, and other toys in these scenes that she creates. Most of the time, she will give them all different names and complete back stories to go with them.

Cyan likes to create her own props as well. For instance, she will pretend our living room is a restaurant and she will draw a menu, create an ATM machine out of a shoe box, and use things around the house to create the atmosphere she needs.  She's often turned the whole house into a "store she owns" and have us walk through, browse, and buy things from her. 

That being said, Cyan does prefer to collect certain items over others. She absolutely adores all (real life) animals and her favorite thing overall is probably her mass collection of stuffed animals. If you picked one up randomly, she could tell you where it was purchased, who it was from (if it was a gift) and any other particulars that go with that particular animal including  the name she originally gave it, as well as it's detailed background that she created (even if she came up with it months or years prior).  

Beyond stuffed animals, Cyan favors tiny figures like Shopkins, MixieQs and toys of that nature, but also has small collections of dolls and mini vinyl figures as well. During playtime, there is almost always some type of novelty stationery being used to assist in creating her scenes, such as notebooks, pens, erasers -- basically everything that falls under "stationery". 🙂 

Cyan's Top 10 Fandoms

Hello Kitty


Monster High

American Girl

My Little Pony

Harry Potter



Unicornos (tokidoki)

Doctor Who

What Cyan's Collects

Stuffed Animals (especially Beanies Boos) 

Tsum Tsums

Funko Pops

Funko Minis

Tokidoki Minis (Unicornos)

Shopkins everything

​Monster High Dolls & Figures

Purses, necklaces, lanyards

Stationery...she loves STATIONERY! lol 

Cyan's Wishlist

Skelanimals (all the things lol)

MixieQ playsets

Tsum Tsums

f you watch our videos, be sure to drop us a comment on YouTube, and join our community in several other ways and let's hang out!